Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Apricot Art - Sweeter than Ever!!

July around here means that the Blenheim Apricots are at the See Canyon stand at our Farmer's Market for 3 weeks. So each week I buy a new crate and the jam making begins in earnest!! When I get really motivated, I top the jars with these luscious colored cupcake liners and paint apricot gift tags to put on each jar. Such a labor of love!!

I wish you could smell the aroma permeating through my kitchen right now!!!!!

When the jam is done, I take the remaining apricots, split them in half and flash freeze them for a couple of hours on a cookie sheet. Then I dump them all in a 2 gallon bag and pop them in the freezer. That way, if I get hungry for an apricot pie a month or two from now, I still have them available. I tried this last year and used apricots right up until May to make pies and crisps!!

A friend of mine tells me that she eats the apricot jam I give her by the spoonful, right out of the jar. That got me thinking. I often drizzle honey on Greek yogurt for my breakfast, so this morning I tried a spoonful of apricot jam instead of the honey. YUM!!!

OK -- all this apricot talk is making me hungry. I am off to bake a pie:))


  1. Yum! Your jam looks delicious. I love your bright liners with watercolor apricots.

  2. Oh my, I can smell them from here, right through my iPad, I swear! Heavenly! And I love the cupcake wrapper tops and your little apricot tags - so pretty! And that picture of the jam on the yogurt - yummy!

  3. On Weds. I bought a crate for a friend so she could make jam and I am driving them up to her today. I will miss the aroma (that now just about fills my house)!!!!