Thursday, January 29, 2015

Art in the Hallway

The main hallway in our school leads from the school entry to the office to the cafeteria and then out to the main playground. In other words, it gets LOTS of foot traffic.
 This part of our school was built in the late 1930s and all corridors are outdoors (but covered), so when they added these display boards much later, they put glass on them to protect the contents. The lesson for these still lifes can be found here.
This recent lesson can be found here. The mat board frames come from the recycle bin of our local frame store (thank you LA Art Exchange for saving us your scraps!!)
I love that kids (as well as parents, teachers, etc) often stop to view and discuss the art. I have often thought, "Wouldn't it be great to have a way to listen in on all the conversation that student art generates?!" I get to hear a little bit of it as I am putting up or taking down displays, but I would so love to capture all the spontaneous comments and share them, too!!!


  1. 3rd grade???? Wow! They did an amazing job! jan

  2. Comment book or box next to the display?

  3. Looks Great Christie! Both wonderful collections. I must try your fall still life reflections lesson.

  4. Nice. It always fascinates me when you California teachers talk about outdoor hallways. It is beyond my perception! I need some photos of how a hallway exists outdoors. My iced-up and snow-filled northern brain just doesn't comprehend the concept.

    1. Here is the hallway where my old room is located -
      When our school was built, the concept was to have separate wings and try to "bring the outdoors in."
      I should try to take a long view of our main corridor to post one of these days. :))