Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ahh! A Little Rest & Spring Break Sketching

A few years ago I joined The Sketchbook Challenge. The details are on the bottom of my sidebar on the right.

This is an online group that, led by a core group of artists, creates sketches with a different prompt each month. While I don't seem to be submitting as many sketches now as I did in the beginning, some months the topics are more appealing to me and I sort of "get in the groove." This month's theme is "Polka Dots" and I'm so happy that it coincided with Spring Break when I have a bit more free time. So, what does an art teacher do during vacation? Why, sketch, of course!!

Happy Passover and Easter (to those of you celebrating either)!!


  1. Super-cute, Christie!

  2. That was Laurel, above. Getting the hang of publishing comments!

    1. Thanks, Laurel!! (I did wonder about all the numbers and letters!!)