Monday, October 7, 2013

Yummy Quick Sketches

One of the reasons I love Fall is all the harvest foods and colorful autumnal dishes. Candy corn was pretty popular last year in art rooms. Shine brite zamorano posted some candies rendered by 1st graders (here) inspired by the wonderful photo realism of Margaret Morrison. These middle school school works were pretty impressive, too! (here) Thanks to both bloggers for the idea!!

4th graders were finishing up a project last week and we had 20-25 min. left, so I decided to do a quick candy corn lesson, focusing on just one candy projected on the big screen for all to work from. First, everyone sketched their candy corn, trying to fill their 4" X 4" square. This was a good opportunity to use math vocabulary (angles, parallel lines, diagonal, etc.)

These works were done in crayon.
They noticed the thin cast shadow on the real candy corn and tried to replicate it.

A couple of classes had a little extra time -- just enough for a quick wash of black watercolor for a resist rendering.
I actually don't much care for the taste of candy corn, but I love looking at these!!


  1. I truly admire your site. For three years, I served as an Art Teacher/ Permanent Substitute in one of the poorest zip codes in America. My students generated excellent artwork using your lesson plans. Our favorite lesson was the Bamboo. It was a big hit with the faculty and students. One Christmas, we modified the lesson and made candy canes instead of bamboo. I also worked with Middle School Students during the Summer. They LOVED the Fruit Still Life with baby oil and Paul Cezanne Apples. Thank you for sharing your lessons with Teaching Community.

    1. Thank you for sharing your lessons with the Teaching Community. Please excuse my typo in the original message.