Monday, March 25, 2013

Art Room Tools

We are on vacation now and I am contemplating what to order for next year. First, of course, I'll need at least a gallon of Elmer's Glue-All -- the BEST glue for what we do. I hang art in an outside hallway that is exposed to damp air here near the beach. This stuff REALLY holds.

Then, I need a few more bottles of Crayola glue, because I LOVE these bottles. I have one set that I bet I have had for 10 or more years and it is time for some fresh replacements!!!

I just use my handy wrench that a parent gave me as a gift years ago. It was in a little red tool kit along with some other classroom necessities -- what a terrific teacher gift that was!!! I unscrew the tops, fill these bottles with my Glue-All and we are ready to go.
As I have mentioned before, the kids don't actually use these glue bottles. I squirt about a tablespoon in a small plastic portion cup and students scoop their glue from these with a wooden sandwich pick. I get those 2 items at our local Smart & Final. I just let the glue dry in the cup and add more glue the next time we need it. At the end of the year I pop out the dried glue and have a fresh cup ready to go for the next year!
Well, that's enough thinking about school for right now. I'm back to the book I've been reading!!