Thursday, February 21, 2013

CLEAN Brushes = CLEAN Paints!!!

Clean brushes definitely translate to CLEAN paints.

You may remember that last week I referred to a blogger who posted about having her students show that their brushes were clean at the end of class by testing the cleanliness on her own arm before they left class. At the time I couldn't find that "heaven sent" blogger's post. I finally found it, right there on my Blog List with a picture of brushes to guide me -- "How could I have missed it?" I asked myself. Anyway, click here for the link to Mrs. Picasso's Art Room and the complete article on clean brushes.

We have implemented her idea during the painting process to keep the paints from looking "muddy." For the last 2 weeks I have had 2nd graders use the trick of testing their brushes for cleanliness after their "swishing and wiping" in water by touching the brush to the top of their hands before getting a new color. The kids get a kick out of doing it, and it has worked beautifully for cleaning the brushes AND keeping the cake temperas looking, if not pristine, pretty close to it!!!! Thank you, Denise!!