Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shape & Form Display

Every February our school has what is called a "Kindergarten Round-Up" where parents of future kindergarteners are invited to a presentation by the principal and then a tour of the school. They start in the Auditorium, so today a parent volunteer and I put up all of the multi-media collages that 5th graders finished 2 weeks ago. I love looking at these works displayed together. Even though I have posted about these before, I thought I'd share a few more:

The student artist of the upper right piece used black crayon for the designs on his small cut shapes, but instead of using watercolor for the background extensions, used pencil. I love the difference in intensity!

You can see how students started with crayon patterns on cut-out shapes. They glued the shapes to their board so that they had form. Finally they extended the crayon pattern onto the flat background using watercolors and VERY careful brush strokes.
If you missed the original post, the lesson is here.


  1. Beautiful colorful compositions.
    The display is awesome.

    1. Thanks!! I love walking by the Auditorium so I can catch a quick glimpse of these pieces!!