Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ho, Ho, Ho, Snow-People Fun

I was just looking at Joanna Davis' snowmen looking up post (here), which reminded me of a cute Pinterest I saw the other day. Someone had build an upside down snowman/woman in the snow. Now, maybe this isn't a curiosity for those of you who live where it snows, but this California girl had never seen such a thing before!! Since I can't just walk outside and try it myself with snow, the next best thing was to whip out my paper and scissors (and a sprig off a fir tree that I just bought this morning at Trader Joe's) and get to work.
Of course, this is another opportunity to shade circles to look like spheres.  I think the kids would LOVE collaging snow-people in odd poses!!!


  1. Ha ha Christie, I saw that upside down snowman on Pinterest the other day too! It DOES snow here, but I've never seen one like that. We didn't get much snow last winter, but I'm hoping that we'll get more this time around. I definitely want to build me an upside down snowman!!

    1. If you do build one, I hope you post a photo of it!!!

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