Saturday, March 24, 2012

1st Grade Apple Still Life Results

This week we broke out the liquid watercolors and finished our apple still life paintings that I wrote about a few weeks ago. Students outlined their apples and plate with black to keep the watercolors from running all over the place. One little guy said, "It's like we are building a wall of wax."
     "Exactly!!" I replied.
We painted the plate first using yellow and blue. Then I removed the blue from the tables and replaced it with red for the a different colored background. It always amazes me how kids oooh and ahh when the yellow and blue mix to form green:)

 I grabbed a few random examples for this bulletin board, but I think I would like any one of the kids' works framed and hanging in my house!!!!!!


  1. I absolutely agree. Any of those could easily be hung in my house.

  2. I love the results of these apple still life paintings.
    The colors are vibrant; I like how some of your students used white on their apples.

  3. Love these Christie! Your 1st graders did such beautiful work!

  4. Thanks! I loved watching the kids make these so much that I am going to try another variation of it with 2nd graders after Spring Break. (We have 2 weeks off starting the week after this.)

  5. I really like how these still-lifes are cropped! I have done a project similar to this and have always centered the plate! Great job!