Sunday, October 9, 2011

Passing Thoughts

Last week as I was facing this sink full of mess,

I thought, "Wouldn't it be great to have an automatic dishwasher that would rinse all of this in 5 minutes and get it ready for the next group?" Maybe someday . . .
Instead, I finally pulled a chair over to that little bitty sink and sat while I rinsed. Helped my back immeasurably!! I don't know why I didn't think of it years ago!!


  1. I usually leave the mess in the sink (actually I have 3 sinks, so I'm very lucky - a double sink for hand-washing and other general use, and a "sloppy" sink -a utility sink- mostly for washing stuff). Then, I have kids at lunch or in aftercare who actually LOVE to come in and wash stuff. We even wash all empty paint bottles to recycle! It makes life SO much easier that I don't have to always wash everything (though I do, sometimes).

  2. Great advice Phyl. Its always great to give students jobs. That's something I am trying to slowly incorporate in my classes. Something that helps me a lot is letting things soak in warm water. If I know I can't get to it right away I just make sure it's soaking. Makes life a lot easier.

  3. Phyl - I am green with envy that you have 3 sinks!!!! This single little sink made for 1st or 2nd graders is a real back-breaker for someone who is 5' 9"!! Even so, if I had 3 class sets of palettes, brushes, etc. I could put them to soak til later, but alas ... only single sets of each and not enough of a budget to add more!!! Sooo, I guess it's me sittin' at the sink on my rolling chair:(. Actually, I find as long as I'm sitting, cleaning brushes is somewhat meditative!! I feel that way about cutting Crescent Board, too:))