Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Pinch Tearing" Organic Shapes

Thinking back over the last year, one of the skills I noticed students of all ages struggle with to some degree was that of "pinch tearing". That is what I call it, anyway. It is that type of tearing that you control carefully with your index fingers and thumbs -- as opposed to the random rips that kids are often prone to using!! So, this lesson is geared to focusing on that controlled type of tear to create organic shapes to ultimately use in a watercolor collage composition.
Pre-cutting the papers to be torn small enough for little hands to guide them is important.

I'd like kids to try tearing large, simple shapes first, just removing the cut edges of the paper. Then, those who want to get more adventurous can try making twists and turns to create more complicated organic shapes.

The next step is to paint the organic shapes. Since they will be glued on black, leaving a white border will create greater contrast.
Before gluing pieces, students may create various black and white designs in the white border to add more detail and interest.

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  1. I do tearing with kids too, but I like your twist on this lesson. I like the way they are painted with a white border, and to create compositions. Nice.