Monday, April 4, 2011


We are off to the Santa Monica Pier (artistically, that is) this week. I have seen a lot of variations of this lesson on various blogs and Artsonia. I know that Jacquelien at Kids Artists has one here, and Laugh, Paint, Create has one, too, here. Their versions are of the waterfront and Venice.

First, I have a few images of water reflections and our 102 year old pier for the kids to view and discuss. I especially want them to notice the brightly painted buildings and how the lines in the reflections are wiggly.
Then, I am having the kids start by drawing a line to delineate water from land.

Next, they'll draw the colorful buildings, using crayons.

The reflections of the buildings are also done with crayons, making the lines kind of wiggly, like they appear in water. (The half circle shape is the ferris wheel that is on our pier.)

The last step is a quick liquid watercolor wash,  with the water slightly darker than the sky. This sample doesn't yet have the water darkened.

Makes me want to take a walk down to the pier and ride on the ferris wheel!!


  1. Makes me want to go back to California some day!

  2. Wow, you read my mind. We are taking a quick family getaway to Santa Monica/Venice over Easter. It got me thinking about doing a Venice (ok the other Venice) reflected building lesson too.

  3. How I love water reflections! I take photos of them every time I can. I'm going to try this at home with watercolor crayons. What fun!