Sunday, December 19, 2010

Home Art Supplies

This post is mainly for PARENTS but I'll bet other teachers of art have ideas they would probably add to my "Home Basics" list:
When I think back on my childhood, it seems that we always had basic art supplies around for a rainy day project, even though we definitely lived on a budget. I am often asked what I think kids should have at home to aid in creativity, so here is the beginning of a list. (A walk through any art or craft store would surely turn up many more items for a list, but these are basics that one could get in a drug store.) Aside from spending money, though, this is also a perfect time of the year to save gift wrapping discards and newspaper inserts to add to your child's art stash. Any of the items on my list would be great stocking stuffers, too!!!

Papers - good drawing or watercolor paper OR plain paper from you printer, newspaper,
     magazines, cardboard (think all those packaged foods in you pantry), old sheet music,
     old playing cards, old wrapping paper, junk mail, discarded paper from Mom or Dad's
     work, etc.
     You might ask about the junk mail and old magazines. I use them all the time to paint
     over with acrylic paint. Great artists reused canvases, so why shouldn't I help our
     landfill problem! Great art paper is a luxury and wonderful to have, but not a
Pencils and sharpener
Crayons - just the basic colors
     The big, fancy boxes are fun, but not necessary. Kids can
     use what they know about the color wheel to mix the colors they need.
A set of basic colored water soluble markers
a black marking pen
Pair of scissors
White glue (like Elmer's)
Glue sticks
     (good ones that actually stick!! I like Dennison's)
Tape - Scotch, masking, etc.
Student Watercolor Set - 8 colors
     I like Prang and Crayola. I particularly like sets with white lids so kids can really
     see the colors they are mixing.
Scraps of fabrics and yarns (if you are lucky enough to know someone who sews or
     OK, so this one isn't exactly a basic, but it sure helps with collages and weavings!

Not only will these supplies work for creating fun art, I think they are necessities for producing quality work for those more elaborate school projects or homework assignments. A medium sized drawer, or even a shoebox would be great for teaching organizing skills and having all supplies in one place.  Happy Creating!!!

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