Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Work Behind the Art Lessons

I may have mentioned that a generous art framing shop in our town is contributing their scraps to me for our art room.  Once a week I hop in my little Subaru
(yes, Phyl a silver Forester -- but no cute flowers like on yours!) and haul my stash over to school. Then it's load up all the illustration board into my cart, negotiate the stairs by the trash area to get into the building and start cutting the beveled edges off the matt board so that it is safe for the kids to use.  I usually work as long as my fingers and back can stand it and a parent usually stops by on Thursdays to help me out.

What made it all worth it today was looking out onto my patio at the great view and, as always, knowing that all this board is going to become exciting art!!
Oh, the things we do for art!!!!!!!!!


  1. Love those Subarus! Yes, we art teachers are all a little nuts, I think. I left my art room at 7:30pm tonight. I must be crazy!

  2. I notice a blade and straight edge in the photo and I don't know about you gals, but when I got an enormous (and I do mean HUGE) donation of mat boards, I cut it down to size on the paper cutter. Wouldn't that make things go a little quicker?

  3. When I got my first batch of board I did use the paper cutters, first the small one in my room and then the larger one in the workroom. It was great for the thin board, but most of the board I am getting is REALLY thick (about an eighth of an inch) and would have ruined the paper cutters by now!! I've found I can sand the edges of the smaller pieces, but most we are having to cut. It isn't so bad, actually, kind of meditative in a way once you get on a roll. I do have it on my mental list to see about getting a little committee of parents who might be willing to bring their knives and cutting edges and work as a group -- just haven't gotten around to it yet.