Monday, September 9, 2013

Mr. Brush

Blogging often offers such unexpected pleasures. Last year, through this blog, I connected with an art teacher that works not too far from where I am. This past summer I met with her and 5 of her art teacher buddies to share ideas and "talk art." It was such a treat to connect with other art teachers (our small district doesn't have elementary art teachers).  As we lamented how many young students show a need for little lessons on the tools of our trade (use and care of brushes, scissors, rulers, etc.) I mentioned how much I love my Mr. Brush poster on brush care. They suggested that I share this on the blog.

A few years ago I read about the Mr. Brush posters offered by Royal Langnickel. I'm not sure where I first heard about them, but it may have been from Phyl's blog, There's a Dragon in My Art Room. They don't list this poster in their catalogue and didn't at that time either. As I recall, I e-mailed them asking if the posters were still available and that I was interested in purchasing them. Lo and behold, I got a very nice response and 2 complimentary posters -- this one on brush care, and another showing all the various types of paintbrushes.

This is my students' favorite. It hangs "front and center" for all to see. A few times last year I neglected to refer to the chart when I was mentioning cleaning the brush in clean water and a bunch of hands shot up in the air to remind me that that was just what Mr. Brush liked!!! I think their favorite picture is the one on the bottom left that says Mr. Brush does not like his hair smashed!!

I was just hanging it up today, getting ready for Wednesday, my first day with students. Yippee -- I am more than ready to get started!! Check back later for our first lesson (a multi-media piece where kids experiment with value, still life, painting and collage).


  1. Yes! It was me! I got those posters from a distributor at my statewide conference several years ago, and you are right, the kids love them! A couple of years go, they were giving away (with the posters) little Model Magic Mr Paintbrushes, one nice one, and one with a 'bad hair day'. I painted them and glued them to my name tag, and the kids went nuts over them, especially the messy one!

  2. Where can I buy the poster ?

  3. I'm not sure it is actually for sale. I would try contacting Royal Langnickel (do a Google search for contact info), describe the poster and ask if they still have any available. As I said, when I did that, they sent me this poster. Good luck, I hope you can find one. Of course, if you are feeling "artsy" you could make one of your own!!!

  4. Thank you very much. I will try to contact Royal Langnickel.

  5. Even at the high school level the kids love these posters!