Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Math Doubles to Art Doubles

A little while ago 2nd graders were working on learning their doubles math facts (i.e. 4  + 4 = 8, 6 + 6 = 12. etc.) so we decided to make a mini art project to reinforce the facts that they found the hardest for them to remember. We started with building several equations using Unifix Cubes and Pattern Blocks.

Then I read them the book, Two of Everything, to really cement the idea of doubling a number.

In this book there is a magic pot that doubles anything that falls into it. So this was an opportunity to teach kids how to use oil pastels to make a 3-D looking pot using shading techniques. See here for more directions.

Next, students made two sets of matching objects or people to represent their doubles equation. For people they used paint to print the faces and then crayons and Sharpies for the rest of their drawing.

I had them write the addition equation on a red strip and the matching multiplication equation on green ( just to link the concepts).

Here are a few of the finished projects: