Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! and Back to School!

Well, I just finished putting all the Christmas stuff away so I can welcome the new year clutter free (sort of).

I started getting things ready for 5th graders this coming week. We'll be taking a look at Wayne Thiebaud and decorating some cakes using oil pastels.

I want to start with a little talk about angles and math:
Then, depending on time factors, we'll use foil for a platter. I have a large silver platter for the kids to use as a still life prop.

Then we'll be creating and shading the cake, cutting it out and gluing on the platter.

Last, a little border decoration for the platter with permanent markers and shading of the platter with oil pastels (including under the rim for depth) and the cake is ready!!

Not sure about the background, but if we have time we'll do something with that, too.
Looks good enough to eat for a New Year's snack!! Check back later in the week for the kids' results:)


  1. YUM. It's so much fun to teach about Wayne Thiebaud's. When we did the cakes, my kiddos got really into putting fancy decorations on them. We also looked at how he sometimes used halation (I think that's the word)by outlining with complementary colors. I know the outlines would compete with your shading, but the kids thought it was fun to outline a pink cake with green, etc.

    And have a Happy New Year!!!!!

  2. I am hoping my kids get into the decorating, too. I have a great poster to show them with a LOT of decorated cakes to sort of kick-start things.

    Happy New Year to you, too, Phyl!

  3. where can I find directions for how to teach the drawing of the cakes? I love this project and I think my students would too

    1. Hi Lisa
      I just made you a quick sketch showing how to draw the cake. You can find it posted here:
      Hope it helps!!