Monday, July 25, 2011

A Few More Buttons

I am still playing around with ways to use up my thousands of buttons (starting with this lesson here). They are merely an incidental part of this lesson -- the real focus being vertical or horizontal lines and color (either warm and cool or complementary).

Students will first decide on a color system for their piece. This sample has mostly warm colors for the flowers and a cool color for the stripes in the background. So that the watercolor petals have time to dry, they'll start cutting them out and coloring with either watercolors or markers.
The next step is to cut our thin lines from a magazine that follows their color system.
These strips can be placed vertically or horizontally (another student decision).
Stems and petals are positioned and glued.

And, finally the buttons become the center of the flowers!!


  1. Quick question: did you poke a hole through the flower and wire on the buttons? If not, what did you do?

  2. Phyl
    One I did like my other button project. It was on foam core and I just shoved the shaft of the button into the foam core to make a well and glued with Elmer's Glue All. The other I tried on cardstock and did just what you said. A piece of wire through the button hole and then masking tape to keep it secure.